Brasil Stop Motion International Film Festival


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Brasil Stop Motion 2018

Brasil Stop Motion International Film Festival 

Submissions: October 1st to December 10th, 2017

  1. The Brasil Stop Motion 2018 – Brasil Stop Motion International Film Festival will take place from 27 of March to 3rd of April 2018, in Recife and Caruaru, Pernambuco/Brazil.
  2. Only films made from January 2015, using the Stop Motion animation technique (according to the definition of item 3) will be accepted by Brasil Stop Motion 2018.
  3. Stop Motion animation consists of the movement achieved with three-dimensional objects or living figures, captured frame by frame and creating a sequence of animation.
  4. In the case of mixed media, only films with a content of at least 70% of Stop Motion animation will be accepted.


  1. The films must be submitted in one of the following categories:
  • Student
  • Professional
  1. And in the subcategories:
  • Children
  • Adult


  1. All the films will be submitted to the Selection Commission of Brasil Stop Motion 2018. The choosing of the Selection Commission is final and irrevocable, and will follow strict technical, artistic and ethical criteria.
  2. The result of the selection of Brasil Stop Motion will be announced no later than February 20th, 2018


  1. The awards will be chosen by the Committee formed by members with industry-recognized cinematographic and/or artistic knowledge, who will grant the following trophies:
  • Best Stop Motion of up to 10 minutes
  • Best Stop Motion of more than 10 minutes
  • Best Student’s Stop Motion
  • Best Brazilian Stop Motion
  • Best Stop Motion for Children (adult jury)
  • Best Stop Motion for Children (children’s jury)
  • Best Art Direction
  1. The public of Brasil Stop Motion, by direct vote, will grant the following trophy:
  • Best Stop Motion of the Public
  1. The Committee and the festival can give other specific awards, which they consider to be relevant.


  1. Submissions are free and must be done online (by using the electronic form found at
  2. Each film must be registered online individually, even when the same director or producer has more than one film to submit.
  3. Pictures of the director and film (still), and synopsis must also be sent exclusively via the online subscription form.


  1. The movies can only be sent online.
  2. Film files must be exclusively in format .MOV (Quick Time) or MP4 – with Codec H264, in the dimensions Full HD (1920×1080). The upload can be done by (2 GB free) or in a similar service and then send to the following email:

AttentionIn case of selection the film will be displayed at the same file format on the festival. Therefore, the file format will have to be according with the requested definition.

  1. The name of the file to be sent should be the same as the movie title, as it appears in the submission form.
  2. After the download and check of the movie, the sender will receive a confirmation from the festival team.
  3. Each film must be sent online individually, even when the same director or producer has more than one film to submit.
  4. Language and subtitle– The official language of the festival is Portuguese. Films with dialogues, narration, charts, texts and/or music in other languages than the official one, must be subtitled in Portuguese. Alternatively, it should be included in the online submission of the film another file (in .txt format) with the text of the film in English or Portuguese (dialogue, narration or chart), indicating the time-code. Texts without time-code will not be considered.


  1. The person responsible for submitting the film authorizes Brasil Stop Motion 2018 to use a 60 seconds extract of their work for promotional purposes on television and on the Internet, including the static images to be used in newspapers and brochures.
  2. The person responsible for submitting the film authorizes the festival coordinators to promote exhibitions of their selected and/or rewarded works in educational and cultural activities with no commercial purposes, after the exhibition in the Brasil Stop Motion International Film Festival.
  3. Apart from the cases mentioned in items 21 and 22, the submitted, selected and rewarded films will not be used in their full format without the previous authorization of the copyright holders.

24. The material sent for submission will not be returned to the senders, and it will remain in the collection of Brasil Stop Motion.

It is established in the act of registration the integral acceptance of the present regulation. The Brasil Stop Motion is an initiative without profitable ends, turned to the diffusion of the national and international production of animation in Stop Motion.

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